Combination Settings And The Trail Step Trigger

This What What I Sent Out To The Current TenKei 7.0 Users

…It May All Seem A Bit Technical
And You May Even Feel It’s Beyond You Or Over Your Head
But I Give You ‘My Word’
It Really Is Not!

It’s Simply That I’ve Created A New Language (For Want Of A Better Term)
And Once You Learn That Language,
You’ll See How So Simple It All Is!

At The End Of The Day
And At The End Of Your Learning Period,
All You Will Need To Do Is Nothing
Or At The Very Least Press A Button
That Looks Like This:

 so it looks like this: 

Good Morning,

With regards to the new TenKei 7.0, some of you are more ahead than others but so as to attempt to get all of you up to the same learning curve, please consider and follow these instructions:

If your LITP=12* and LIP=11, set the TrailStepTrigger at TST=7*

For the slightly more ambitious, you could also use these settings:

If your LITP=12* and LIP=11, set the TrailStepTrigger at TST=9*

The TrailStepTrigger is a new Value which works very well but even if you do not apply it, the settings will work just as it did before the TST was added.

I still have a Program where the TST is not running and it is doing just as well as it was before TST had been applied!!!

This tells me, as helpful as the TST may be, the TenKei 7.0 still works just as well, without it!

So by setting your TST to match your LITP, this means the Program will be running in the same fashion as it did before the TST was added!

Did you get that?

I know those of you who have been using the latest version for a few weeks will know what I mean… and for those of you who are new to this, please check Pages 2 to 25 in the Recommended Settings Guide where you will find the explanations to what the LITPLIP and TST etc… means.

Once you have that information fully understood, you will be able to use the Software/EA/Expert Advisor with the greatest of ease.

Chat Soon!


P.S. The TST or TrailStepTrigger is designed to activate your Trailing Stop, once the Price reaches a certain point or number (i.e. the LITP). It’s a good way to ensure that your Profits are Locked In.

Keep Reading, Keep Studying, Keep Testing!

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