Are You Committed – To Something?

‘Commit To The LORD Whatever You Do
And HE Will Establish Your Plans’

Proverbs 16:3
New International Version


Yes, I’m preaching again but do you really think I want to?

Do you think I’m thinking I must quote scripture from the Bible?

No, it’s not as easy as that!

Because I sometime think:

‘What If You Stop Reading Because I’m Sharing My Faith?
What If You Think I’m Writing A Load Of Nonsense On This Site?’

What if…?

What if…?

What if…?

Our ‘What ifs…?’ can kill us!

I wrestle with it and I wrestle with stuff just like you may do but when the fight and the wrestling becomes too much for me to bear, I give in (to GOD) and say, okay, I’ll write what YOU want me to write!

And on the subject of wrestling, how about when we wrestle with ourselves over other things, over decisions, such as our Trading decisions?

In order to make some kind of (right) decision, we’ve got to be committed to something, right?

And I think you know what I’m committed to and right here on your Blog, I share it all with you – and believe me – it’s not as easy as it looks sharing my Faith, my Passion and my Knowledge because of the ‘What Ifs…?’ but please, let me continue and courageously share this with you…

This is what happened yesterday using the Contrarian (being 120 Lots) and Continuation (being 130 Lots) Trade setups using the New Code.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

Only Two Trades Were Continuation Trades
But Those Two Continuation Trades Saved The Day!

I had always been a fan of the solo Contrarian Trade!

But I have been telling you to Test the Contrarian Trade solo and also the Contrarian and Continuation Trade as a pair.

Previously, if we had been up X amount of Points on the Contrarian Trade, where sometimes the Continuation Trade would go and take some our Points back again…

…but I then realised that our Points would often be given back if we set our ‘MaxTrade’ to anything greater than 1

Now, if you are using the Tenkei Program, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

What we do not want is for a Trade to be going successfully in one direction, for another Trade to be opened in the opposite direction as they will often conflict and fight with each other.

This will also slow the process down of hitting Target

…so it’s better to have 1 or more Trades going in the same direction, especially if that direction is a True Trend!

On Wednesday the 23rd of January 2018, the morning started off without a True Trend and the TenKei 7.0 EA and the TenKei Total Profit Target EA had to work for their money (so to speak) for the whole day!

But because they were working together, they finally and eventually pipped the post by hitting Target!

One that day, I found the Contarian running solo did not do as well and ended up 16 Points down by 16:30 GMT which was the Close of the European Markets.

Now, what with all this talk or all this writing and rambling?

You don’t need to know any of this stuff, do you?

All you need to know is if the TenKei Fully Automated Program works or not!

It works alright but I still like you to know how and why it works because even though you do not need to ‘Think’ when using this Program, I still like to ‘Think’ and I’d like you to know my thoughts, as when I ‘Think’ and express my thoughts, it helps me to improve what we already have.

Plus, I want you to know, realise and Test out what I say in order for you to find the setups that suit you best, in the way of your personality.

Does that make sense to you?


So what am I saying?

I’m saying Test out the Contrarian solo and also Test out the Contrarian with the Continuation as shown in the Chart Screenshot above, as the Continuation Trade doesn’t do a lot these days but it can save the day!

That’s it!

Let the TenKei Fully Automated Trading Program make the Trading decisions for you and let GOD do all of the rest!

May Your Day Be Filled With Blessing From Above!

In JESUS’ Holy Name…


Chat Soon!


P.S. Get Committed, Stay Committed!

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