And The Winner Is…

Delight Yourself In The LORD,
And HE Will Give You The Desires Of Your Heart.

~ Psalm 37:4



That sounds like a pretty good deal, re: the Verse above but what do you think?

Well, I do my best to Delight Myself In The LORD, it’s not always easy, what with life’s ups and downs but I hope you’re giving a good go too!

Let’s begin!

Even though the Continuation Trade works a treat, finding the ‘One Size Fits All’ Fully Automated Trade was not as easy as it first turned out!

Now, after years of Testing in Real Time, we have come to the conclusion through pure fact and results alone that the Continuation Trade 5Second Chart, Infinity:15,10,1(5/10) is the EA Setting to opt for!

We actually preferred the 1Minute Chart for the ease of (you) Trading it but we are basing our findings on pure results alone!

There are still other TenKei EA variations available but since the Continuation Trade 5Second Chart, Infinity:15,10,1(5/10) has always made a good comeback even on Holidays and Fridays, we are going to buckle up and go for that it as our choice for you and for ourselves too!

Definition: To Fasten A Seatbelt;
To Prepare Oneself
For Something Exciting
Or Intense.

This means, our results will always be the same as yours and vice versa, which is what we want and wanted all along!

What we were really concerned with and what we were searching for was the EA that consistently achieved at least 10 Points Of Trading Profit A Day!

If it achieves more, that’s all well and good but we were looking for the minimum amount being 10 Points Of Trading Profits to take out of the market each and every day, without fail.

Even though some of the other EA Settings hit Target, they did not do as well or win as consistently as the 5Second Chart, Infinity:15,10,1(5/10) over the long term.

And The Winner Is…

Here are today’s results:

The screenshot below shows the results from the 5Second Chart
Infinity:15,10,1 (5-10), 2018.11.23, Start: 08:03 GMT – End 16:30 GMT, 
Target 15 Points

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

5Second Chart
Infinity:15,10,1 (5-10)
Start: 08:03 GMT – End 16:30 GMT
Target 15 Points

We will also be setting our Target back to 10 Points

…and the .SET File that will be available within Dropbox under the title ‘Winning Code’ will be the 5Second Chart, Infinity:15,10,1(5/10).

For you, the more experienced user of the Program, please continue using the Settings that work for you.

The next stage will be to break down what the words and numbers such as Infinity:15,10,1(5/10) mean, as this will allow you (the inquisitive Trader) to (in a sense) input your own Settings which could turn out to be a thousand times better than what we have.

Remember, the Continuation Trade works and it’s all a matter of keying in the correct code in order for the EA to provide you with Winning Trades more often than not and at a set Target, as ‘Desired From The Heart’.

To date, for one and for all it’s the Continuation Trade 5Second Chart, Infinity:15,10,1(5/10).

Chat Soon!


P.S. We are also going back to Trading Mondays to Thursdays, and of course to refrain from Trading on Holidays in order to give the EA and ourselves a break just like the rest of the ‘Intelligent/Smart/Savvy Traders’ out there!

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