How To Access MetaTrader 4 Using A VPS Account

Here’s A Message I Sent To Someone Who Wrote To Me To Inform Me They Could Not Use The TenKei 7.0 Because They Used Apple Products, You Know, An Mac etc…
‘I just realised, if you have a VPS Account, you can operate MT4 and any Program that runs on Windows etc…
I personally also check and run my MT4 Account from my iPhone, iPad and any other device, from anywhere!!!
So, all that needs to done is to log in to the VPS and you’re in business!
I hope that helps.
P.S. I think you may be entitled to a trial period with the VPS company.’
Note: If you are reading this at the moment and you would like to check up on a very reliable VPS company, being the one I use and also where you will see most if not all of my screenshots taken from, please click on this link to find out more!
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