Wilson P Williams

Founder & Creator Of TenKei


My name is Wilson P Williams and I happen to be qualified in Hearing Aid Audiology where I would spend my days studying charts and graphs (called audiograms) and thus finding solutions to helping and rehabilitating patients to restoring not only their hearing but their confidence in life again.

Due to my love for charts and graphs, when I came across the financial markets and charts many years ago, I immediately took to it like a duck takes to water and have never looked back.

The TenKei 7.0 happens to be my 7th version which I would deem as being the best of the best simply because it is a ‘Fully Automated System’ and (you) the user will not have to lift a finger to Trade successfully.

With my experience in creativity in the arts — and experience in radio presenting and face to face consulting — I have turned my hand to creating 'How To...' courses in order to show you how to see the markets with fresher, clearer and simpler eyes in order for you to generate an extra income and to develop a money making skill, for life!

My mission was always to;

"Achieve 10 Points A Day Of Trading Profits"

...but now, my mission is:

"To Help 'You' Achieve 10 Points A Day Of Trading Profits"


Because I learned that I can — and it's a far worthier mission to help you — than just myself.

Thanks for reading!

Wilson P Williams