‘Set Your Minds On Things Above,
Not On Things On The Earth.’

~ Colossians 3:2

Wilson P Williams

Just Simply Me



My name is Wilson P Williams and I am, simply, me.

I became a victim of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 to which people were implying:

“How on earth did he catch the virus, when he is supposed to be so fit?”

Well, I was the first to ask myself that question but it seems being infected by the virus is not about how ‘fit’ you are, it seems it’s just the luck of the draw at this moment in time.

But I do have a conclusion you’ll be able to read, in time.

Listen to this, there is one thing that always happens to me whenever I catch a cold.

When a cold is afoot, I may have a sore throat for a very short space of time and thereafter, the cold or infection, goes straight to my chest!

Whenever I catch a cold, it always goes straight -to – my – chest!

Now, that’s where I do think:

“Why Me?”

The story goes that when I was a tot, I had my tonsils taken out which seems to have given me a delicate chest?

Internally, that is!

I cannot eat pepper or anything spicy as it makes me cough…

…which is why I feel my chesty cough turned into pneumonia as I had stupidly battled the cough for over three weeks before I did anything about it!


Life Could Be Heaven!


I’m not going to go into too much detail as you’ll find all the details you could ever require and desire in the Blog pages on this site.

I had a tough time fighting back against the COVID-19 which I must have been fighting for over a grand total of five weeks, to which the last three weeks were spent in bed before I gave in and went to the hospital.

Tough me, eh?

I was ‘being a man’ in saying I was okay all along!

If you need to get yourself checked, get yourself checked out, okay?

It was in the hospital where I thought my number was up that you could say:

“I gave my life FULLY to CHRIST!”

The deal was if JESUS let me live, I would be HIS man, doing whatever HE wanted me to do forever…

…and I was wondering what I had got myself into but I wanted to live and it was about time I pulled my finger out to really do something worthy in the name of JESUS!

So here I am, trying to save lives re: the rampant merciless COVID-19 and trying to save souls re: enlightening people to turn to JESUS before it’s too late (and they die)!

My premise is, if there is a Heaven where the milk and honey flows every day and if there is a Hell where there is nothing but torture and pain…

…which one would you prefer to go to?


This Is What My Fevers And Three Weeks In Bed Felt Like!


Maybe you’d prefer to go to neither one but just stick with me a moment and play the game of ‘What if…?’

So, let’s play the what if game for a minute…

…what if both realms existed, Heaven & Hell

…to which place would you rather go to live for all eternity?

Eternity is said to be a very long time, as it never ends!

Well, it’s simple, all you have to do is give your life to JESUS because your life is already HIS but you must acknowledge it yourself, since you have freedom of choice.

JESUS is more or less saying:

“Who do you choose, ME or Satan?”

The choice is yours but I hope you do what I class as the right thing and choose JESUS, as Satan is not a very pleasant entity!

I trust you will enjoy the content by having a bit of a giggle from time to time…

…but on this site is all about the education of:


  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls


GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD