A Testimonial From Phil P

“Return Home And Tell How Much GOD Has Done For You.”
So The Man Went And Proclaimed All Over The Town 
How Much JESUS Had Done For Him.

Luke 8:39


Do You Or Have You Ever Had
The Desire To Tell Someone Or Everyone
About Something Good That Has Happened To You?

You Know,
You’ve Received Some Good News
Or Seen Something You Thought Was Worth Spreading The News About
And You Just Couldn’t Hold It In Any Longer,
So You Had To Tell Someone Or Even The World!

When Was The Last Time You Shared Some Good News With Someone?

When Was The Last Time You Shared Your Faith (In JESUS) With Someone?

If The Spirit Of GOD Takes A Hold Of You
And You Feel You’ve Got To Spread The Good News In JESUS’ Name,
Don’t Be Shy, 
Don’t Hold Back!
Just Do It!

And Speaking Of Just Doing It,
Phil P,
A TenKei Subscriber Shared His Good News With Me…

…And Phil P’s Good News Is In His Progress,
Using The TenKei Fully Automated Program.

And Since Phil P Came Up With His Own Trading Idea
In How To Use The TenKei Fully Automated Program,
It Has Sparked A Lot Of Interest,
Where Everyone Is Now Trying Out Their Own TenKei Trading Ideas…

…And Some Of You Are Even Following Phil P’s Exact Settings!

So Without Further Ado,
Please See Below An Email I Received From Phil P
With His Very Own Updated Settings.

‘Hi Wilson,

Many thanks for the updates, and interesting differing strategies.

Just to keep you up to speed how my own trading is going, this week my PIP tally from 4th June was  +30.2,+30.7,+30.5,+30.3,-54.6 (total for the week 67.1 points).

My own trading is to use a 15 point stop loss, with a 30 point profit target, trailing stop 15 points, step 10, to lock in 5 points profit if the trade goes into profit by 15 pips.

My daily target is also set to 30 points on the TPT, with a 55 point daily maximum loss.

As most of my first trades from 0703 GMT resulted in a 15 point loss using these settings, I now set my EA to start at 0805hrs GMT, as the market seems to have a more definite direction.

So, I think I have found a trading style that suits me for the time being, but maybe I need to take your advice and not trade on Fridays!

Once again, thanks for all your assistance.


Phil P’

End Of Email

Nice, very nice!

We love the fact that someone (such as Phil P) has found their way and even better, their own way in how to use the TenKei Fully Automated Program!

In fact, Phil P is doing better than us with regards to his Daily Target!

Yes, the TenKei EA is so versatile, it can be used in so many positive and profitable ways and what’s to be expected is for you to use one or all of our TenKei EA Templates or for you to create your own!

And once done, you too could provide your very own Testimonial, when ready!

So, as you can see, this is not a ‘Fly By Night’ or ‘Flash In The Pan’ project we are working on here, simply because we know it works and it was just a matter of time before we could find (what would would deem as) the perfect combination.

A joining or merging of different parts or qualities in which the component elements are individually distinct.

And to date, we feel we have found it / them…

…and as I type, I feel there are are few more combinations to come out of this from us and from you, as we would liken the TenKei EA as ‘Open Source Software’

…so once you have the TenKei EA in your possession, please feel free to amend it in any way you wish to suit your needs — or as I wrote earlier — you can always use the Settings or Templates In A Box that are ready and waiting for you!

We’ll leave it there for now as we do not wish to steal Phil P’s thunder!


…and how did the TenKei EA do this week?

Targets Were Hit!!
Targets Were Hit!!

Yes, very well indeed!

Have A Blessed Weekend!

Chat Soon!


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