A Summary Of Summaries


Did you know I was up a 04:00 GMT with every intention of getting things done and you know what?

The work I was undertaking to complete was so intricate there was no way I could work as fast I had anticipated!

In this case slow was considered fast as there were so many ‘Variables’ to check against each other but the good thing is, although I tore myself away from it, I managed to solve some File Loading issues of two TenKei 7.0 Subscribers.

If You Need Help Loading Your Files,
We Can Help!

Today’s issues were not simple to solve at first but we/I got there in the end!

I think what you may find is some Operating Systems do not function the way they should and with me or a Team Member on the case, we’ll soon find out if it’s the Files or your PC that’s causing the issue and so far, it has not been the Files.

Anyway, onto my Summary Of Summaries

My favourite Chart Setups at the time of writing are:

The 1Minute Contrarian Solo with the TPT but it still has a tendency to run amok and give us a little bit of concern due to the amount of Trades it may place and the length of time it takes to hit Target.

So try that one!

Most days it hits Target in one Trade withing the hour of the European Market Open and sometimes after 4Days of straight success it struggles!

But you know what, I have yet another Variable in order to control the amount of what I call ‘False Trades’ it makes that causes it (the 1Minute Chart Trades) to struggle to hit Target!

The thing is, it can still make ‘False Trades’ and win for the day but once I eliminate those ‘False Trades’ it will be even better!

We (Will) Have More True Trades Than False Trades!

So, as I type, I am waiting to Load Up the New Variable (there’s only one to add) in order to Test It Out!

This should improve the 5Minute Chart Setups too but the 5Minute Chart is doing pretty well already I far as I can see but there’s always room for improvement!

Now in my Summary Of Summaries findings, a strange thing happened this week and here it is…

Just below is the screenshot for Week Ending 2018.02.02 for the 5Minute Contrarian Solo with the TPT and for some reason it did not perform as well as it usually does!

It could have been me meddling with it but I usually leave it be to do its own thing but I did shut it down both sets of Trades manually today being Friday 2018.02.02 as Fridays tend to be slow Trading days anyway.

This is the 5Minute Contrarian Solo with the TPT.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

This Placed So Many Trades On 2018.01.29 Where It Only Made 3 Points Profit For That Day!!!

And here’s another strange thing that happened this week…

Using the 5Minute Contrarian and Continuation with the TPT it performed better than the 5Minute Contrarian Solo but the thing is, the Continuation Trade did not show its face not once all week!

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

This Is The 5Minute Contrarian & Continuation Trade Setup,
Which Did Less Trades Than The 5Minute Contrarian Trade?
But It All Turned Out Okay!

This means the Contrarian Trades did all the work (even though it was coupled with the Continuation Trades) and it even did better than the 5Minute Contrarian Solo!

Did you understand that?

I feel a bit dizzy, what with all this data and analysis but at least they both came out on top but I still want to know why and how there was a difference or discrepancy!

So you know what I’ll be doing this weekend, don’t you?

But once again, with the New Variables (that I cannot wait to test) it should stabilise what the EA gets up to.

What’s funny but not exactly funny ‘Ha-Ha’ is once I come up with an idea for improvement, as soon as I send it off to my programmer, whilst they are working on the Update, I end up seeing something else that can be improved!!!

Now why does that happen?!?!?!

The Power Of Why!

Will it ever end?!?!?!

Yes it will!

We’re (getting) there!

It’s been a long day already, I’ve been up since 04:00 GMT and it’s now 15:30 GMT (as I type) I retired for the evening before quite late, so maybe I’ve only had 3Hours sleep but you know what it’s like when you enjoy doing something you love, don’t ‘cha?

I’m simply looking for answers, for you as in:

“How Can I Make This Better?”

“How Can I Make This A Truly Hands Off System?”

“How Can I Make This A One Size Fits All Program?”

I’m in the process of creating some plans for you… each one of them works well, which is what I do from this end, continually Testing and running them and Testing them some more for anomalies like the one that got away from me this week!

The Trading Plans will be good, very good in fact as it will include information as in ‘When Not To Trade’, ‘When To Stop Trading For The Day’ and much, much more!

Isn’t it interesting that those sentences starting with ‘When…’ are referring to not Trading?

Oh yes… and one of those main days not to Trade is today, being Friday!

So, with that said and on that note, I’ll be off to have break to then get back on the case of analysis and all that, later!

GOD Bless You!

Chat Soon!


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