A Head Scratcher!


It seems everything turned around for the good today!

Targets Were Hit!!
Targets Were Hit!!

The FXCM EA’s caught up with the rest of the world, so the TenKei 7.0 and the TPT gave many their desired 10 to 11 Point Target!


…we still have this issue of what happens at 07:00 GMT where the DAX starts on FXCM but in fact the rest of the world or other Brokers who are Trading 24Hours A Day are already flowing re: a Trend being in place way before 07:00 GMT.

So, this is a ‘Head Scratcher’ for me but what I would say, is for you who prefer GKFX (as many seem to use and prefer them already), make the switch, right now and you’ll find your Trades to be successful, sooner rather than later!

Of course, if you have any issues, drop me a line, so I can learn how GKFX works too!

Cheeky, eh?


…do we start using FXCM from a later time in the day?

I myself am fussing because of all the change ‘I’ will have to go through, or is it because where I had my Wisdom Tooth pulled and it’s starting to give me a headache so that I cannot concentrate and would rather go and lie down?

Has my Wisdom gone with the Tooth?

But I do have it in my possession!

No, no, do not go there Wilson…

…but please start using the Broker of your choice, so as long as they Trade 24Hours A Day and I’ll assist you should you have any hiccups, okay?

Help Is At Hand

Chat Soon!


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