5Second Chart Infinity:15,10,1 (5/10)

And He Called The Multitude, And Said Unto Them,

And Understand:

~ Matthew 15:10



That’s a pretty confusing title isn’t it?

5Second Chart Infinity:15,10,1 (5/10)?

What does that mean?

Maybe sometime in the near future, those Setting/Combinations will be known in every household around the world!


…but today I’m going to get straight to the point, the title equals the MT4 EA Settings and below, you’ll be able to see what it achieved in one day!

And just to think, there we were, squeezing our potential in order to achieve 10 Points Of Trading Profits, when 100 Point Of Trading Profits are also achievable! 

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

5Second Chart
Infinity:15,10,1 (5-10)
08:03 GMT to 10:25 GMT

Using the #1#2 and #3 Settings below means, once you see what you’re happy with in the way of Profits, you can always take it by manually shutting down your TenKei 7.0 EA.

It looks like we’ll have to do some work on that front, as we do want this to be Fully Automated, don’t we?

But setting a Daily Profit Target of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50+ appears to work well these days!

So far, our best and most successful Settings are:

  1. 5Second Chart – Infinity:15,10,1 (5/10), TSL=150, TPT=300 (or TSL=100, TPT=200) 
  2. 30Second Chart – Infinity:7,14,1 (7/14), TSL=49, TPT=98 (or TSL=70, TPT=140)
  3. 1Minute Chart – Infinity:15,10,1 (15/30), TSL=150, TPT=300 (or TSL=100, TPT=200)

When using the 5Second Chart or 30Second Chart, use the #1 and #2 Settings as written above.

Some of you already know how to key the Settings in and for those of you who do not, we will supply the .SET File and please do bear in mind, we will remove every other .SET File that we no longer use.

The above Settings worked wonders on GKFX

…and it even worked on FXCM but we would say, stick with GKFX, for now!

Please be patient with us, as there are so many variables to deal with and ultimately eliminate — and once we clear up all of what we have before us, being what we no longer wish to use — we will be able to fully confirm 1 to 3 Settings only…

…but we need to keep checking their stability, as we want it to work, no matter what the market throws at us!

Chat Soon!


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